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Maggie Valley Inn - Timberwolf Creek - NC - Smoky Mountains


~   A Sampling of Comments from Our Guests   ~

Sleep to the soothing sounds of the tumbling creek, then wake to a candlelit breakfast by the fireside...

We thoroughly enjoyed being here. We received a treatment that is royal. Even the kingsize bed is royal! This would be a place to be for one night… or two… or three… Thanks very much for all the good care. Au revoir!
--Chapel Hill, NC

All mothers should have the opportunity to experience just once the wonderful treatment you give me when I visit you here at Timberwolf Creek. Thank you for all the pampering and delicious food.
--Orlando, FL

The room is beautiful and we really enjoyed the extra little touches to make us feel at home. The creek is darling and we loved looking at the horses across the street. What a retreat.
--Woodstock, GA

We had a great time …You have a great thing going on here! We will be back.
--Tryon, NC

We had a lovely stay here. The creek is lovely and reminds me of my parent’s cherry farm in Northeastern Oregon – the water running all night, what a treat. We like the siding on the house – had a good sleep in your wonderful bed. Enjoyed the walk up the hill and the blue butterfly that rode back here on Bruce. Thanks for the wine, cookies, and wonderful breakfast. We’ll stay in touch…
--Davis, CA

Steve and I had a wonderful time. Your hospitality has been tremendous. We are leaving with new friends made here. Last night as we sat on the swing and looked at the stars with the sound of the brook flowing by, we were in heaven. There are moments you want to hold forever and that is one of ours. We both enjoyed a wonderful night’s sleep (10x better than Days Inn). Breakfast was splendid. You pampered us and made us feel extra special. This place comes highly recommended from us.
--St. George, SC

This was our first bed and breakfast. We have enjoyed staying here. Hope all of your guests enjoy staying here as much as we have.
--Grovetown, GA

We had a wonderful time! We enjoyed the special extras that you provided. You have a wonderful house and rooms. The scenery with all the ice is so pretty. Thank you for suggesting some of the best parties for us. The church party that Cherie went to was a lot of fun! She was able to meet some new people and to make some new friends. We appreciate everything being kept stocked up and pretty throughout our stay. The fireworks were beautiful. I hope that everyone else that stays here will find it as enjoyable as we have.
--Lexington, NC

It was wonderful spending time with you in your little bit of heaven on earth. The magnificent hills and valleys, the shops etc. were great, but your friendship is what is most valued. May your days be always filled with sunshine.
--Sunrise, FL

Wonderful! Nancy and I truly enjoyed sharing your warm and friendly hospitality. We are creating memories with one another and our stay has ‘etched’ our journey. Thanks for everything and we hope to see you again. It was fun!
--Chicago, IL

Very comfortable. I like this place! Thank you.
--Charlotte, NC

Unbelievable breakfast! Wonderful bonding this morning! Can’t wait to continue our friendship!
--Ft. Lauderdale, FL

It was the voice of the innkeeper that so strongly pulled me to your Timberwolf Creek. You touched my life before I even got here. Timberwolf Creek is great but the beauty within you is what I will remember most. Lots of big hugs.
--Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thanks for putting up with us "rowdy" Mennonites! We loved every minute of this stay. Myron and I really needed to get away from work and kids just to rejuvenate our spirits and it has "happened"! I wish I could bottle the sound of that creek and take it home with me!! You have a great way of making people feel "pampered". Thanks again for all the "little" things you’ve done for us this past weekend.
--Tryon, NC

Thank you so much for making us feel so at home! This place is so much more than we expected! The food was wonderful! We will be back for sure! We will keep in touch! Thanks for everything!
-- Seymour, TN

I remember when you first began to talk about having a B&B, you said you wanted to spoil your guests rotten. Well, you do!! It has been wonderful!
-- DeBary, FL

We had a great time, but wish we could have stayed longer. The hospitality was incredible. The scenery and creek were unbelievable
-- Chattanooga, TN

Thank you for a great time and the special treatment. Your hospitality is genuinely Southern tradition. Good luck with your expansion. We will certainly recommend Timberwolf Creek B&B to our friends in Alabama.
-- Lowndesboro, AL

Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and hope to see you again before too long. Thanks again for the hospitality.
-- Charleston, SC

A Visit To Timberwolf Creek

A steady rhythm of cold mountain water
The evolution of leaves in an array of color
Gentle shadows cast from high mountain peaks
All part of a stay at Timberwolf Creek

Large comfortable rooms – to spread out
Comfortable seating – to stretch out
Soft downy bedding – to sack out
Jacuzzi for two – to work it out
The night of a stay at Timberwolf Creek

Candlelight glowing over the breakfast table
A roaring fire to warm the entire room
Unique entrees prepared special for guests
Attractive, creative, delicious, abundant
The morning of a stay at Timberwolf Creek

Original cuisine to satisfy the palette
Spacious accommodations to help relax
Games and snacks, TV and videos, all to do
Make exceptional a stay at Timberwolf Creek
-- Jacksonville, FL

We have warmed our spirits, calmed our hearts, and renewed our strength! God’s beautiful world is all around us and we stand in awe! We are thankful for Timberwolf Creek and your caring hospitality! It has been a wonderful stay!
-- Jacksonville, FL

What a lovely visit we had! We could really get used to this royal treatment! The food was absolutely delicious and all the special treats scrumptious! You are obviously special people and we enjoyed getting to know you! Thanks for "the Retreat" !!! We really enjoyed it! May God bless and keep you! Best Wishes!
-- Carrollton, TX

Thanks for a wonderful time! This place is super – all of the special extras, the breakfasts, the games, everything. We packed a lot in three days. The waterfall book by Kevin Adams was very helpful. We visited two fall off the Waterville Exit from 40 (pages 141-2 in the book). Hikes were special, falls ok. We also visited Mingo Falls (page 135) just north of Cherokee. Really worth the hike. Also Tom’s Branch Falls and Juneywhank Falls near Bryson City (pages 128-131) after a nice train ride. Really nice outdoors experiences. We also managed to find the casino and a pretty nice consignment shop (on 441). This was a great few days – thanks so much!
-- Gainesville, FL

Londa and I met just three months ago, what seems like a lifetime. We have both found the person we have hoped and dreamed of in each other. A few weeks ago, I took Londa to Charleston on a romantic weekend getaway. The trip here was Londa’s treat to me. You pampered us with wonderful breakfasts and warm romantic room gestures. We really enjoyed leaving our hectic work lives in Charlotte and relaxing to the soft sound of the running brook and beautiful surrounding scenery. We plan to return in the years to come. Thanks for the retreat and rest.
-- Charlotte, NC

Just a note to thank you for making our stay at Timberwolf Creek great. We had such a wonderful time. We enjoyed all the attention and the relaxation. Thanks for the newsletter we look forward to the next one. Hope the holidays are wonderful for you both.
-- Charlotte, NC

The second time around to Timberwolf Creek….
-Greetings with spirits of care, the babbling creek, and smells of lavender… relaxing
- Visiting a local church and shopping in Waynesville all through the town … buying lots of turtle things…
- The special warmth of friends emerge with a game of mystery and food to indulge.
- Ah! A bubble bath on a Monday morning!
- Breakfasts for a king and queen!!
We shall return!!
-- Jacksonville, FL

A Visit to Timberwolf Creek II

Two months later, again in Maggie Valley,
We’ve enjoyed the home and Larry and Sandee.
Resting and relaxing is a natural way
To share in their fun and frivolity.

A special game with a mystery,
Driving past Fall’s baring tree,
Unique breakfasts and handy snacks,
That’s Timberwolf Creek’s hospitality.

Thanks again!
-- Jacksonville, FL

A Time at Timberwolf:
The invitation was for just a visit
Not just a time for two
A place to hide to seek, what is it?
A mountain hideaway for few
The scent of trees, of gentle rain
Sun and shadows and more
The brush of wind pushes leaves long lain
A country welcome at Timberwolf’s door
Thanks for all you’ve done and be sure we’ll be back
-- Deltona, FL

We are privileged to be the guests of the new millennium at Timberwolf Creek B&B. Our family, Robert & Kathy, Richard, Cherie, and Lana made ourselves at home and enjoyed our stay. We visited Cherokee, and made note of the many improvements there over the past few years, thanks to Harrah’s. We hope that, for the next millennium, development of these beautiful mountains will respect their natural wonder and beauty while bringing a quality of life to all who abide here.
-- Lexington, NC

For being what true friends really are and sharing your part of "Heaven" with us, our friendship is Forever.
--Sunrise, FL

Away from it all, is what I had in mind… Well, this is definitely "the" place to do just that! The mountains, the creek, the room, my gosh I could go on all day! Diamonds and Stars aren’t my kind of "ratings." I think 5 Angels are appropriate for Timberwolf Creek! Thank you for a weekend we will always remember, and should we come camping with Cody, I’ll sneak up here and see you and Pharaoh!
-- Shelby, NC

This is a thanks from
The bottom of my heart
For this vacation has come to an end
Preparing us for a fresh new start
Celine and I want to thank you for not only treating us like guests but for the warm friendship and openness. Everything was great!
-- Goosecreek, SC

Thank you so much for breakfast! It was delicious and sent us back to bed for a "power nap!"
-- Kingston, GA

Thank you for the hospitality. This was our first experience with a B&B and although not quite sure of any protocols, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!! Breakfasts were divine and surroundings beautiful. Had a most memorable 12th anniversary! Thank you again ~ hope to see you again soon!
-- Kingston, GA

We will most definitely be back again, we had a great time, good luck with your additions. Hope to see you soon.
-- Burlington, NC

This was the best place to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We had the best time just relaxing with no schedule to keep! The hospitality was wonderful. We are looking forward to returning sometime!
-- Chatsworth, GA

Leonora and I would like to express our appreciation for everything during our stay here at Timberwolf Creek. Since you found out our little secret, we would like you to know it was an excellent, perfect time for us here. Climbing waterfalls, daring rivers, hiking to the top of mountains, and relaxing under the starry moonlit sky on ‘Knob Hill’ J was only made perfect by returning to such a wonderful and dreamy place to stay. The food was superb, the bed and tub glorious, and all of that only surpassed by one other thing: Your company. Adventuring in my bare feet was completed by letting them relax on the big white chair and foot rest. Se you again sometime!
-- Deer Park, TX

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend. What a great way to spend our first anniversary!! Carmen and I had such a wonderfully relaxing time here. We would be fools not to come back. Larry, sorry we missed you this time. Hopefully next time we will be able to meet. Sandee, thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything went perfect. Here’s to many more perfect weekends at Timberwolf Creek!! (and many more perfect anniversaries)
-- Augusta, GA

Wonderful view and hospitality. This is really a relaxing retreat. We will be back!
-- Mooresville, NC

Since nothing happens by accident and only by design, I’m so happy and blessed that we have finally met. Not only your welcoming and greeting hearts but the love and sincerity you both share are gifts that we’ll treasure. We have found beautiful new friends! Come to Chicago!
-- Chicago, IL

Though it’s been a short stay
Of only one day
For our third visit at your beautiful inn,
Our hearts will soon pine
For another great time
When we’ll all be together again.
We can’t fail to mention
Your flawless attention
To all things we could possibly need
It’s more than a bed
And a breakfast spread
We’ve found selfless friendship, indeed!
-- Jacksonville, FL

You’re a "peach" of a cook! The peach French toast was so yummy!
-- Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for the wonderful stay. It was only one night, but I wish it could have been longer. You have truly got a little piece of heaven right here on earth. We will definitely be back. Thank you.
-- Palm Bay, FL

We enjoyed everything thoroughly! Wish we could take home the creek, mountains, and rain! What was there not to enjoy!
-- Conyers, GA

We give to you our deepest appreciation! You have made our honeymoon very special and memorable. Thank you for your hospitality and warmth. Our packages were superb – especially the picnic! Sandee, your breakfasts were creative and splendid. Daniel and I could not have had a more incredible honeymoon than we did at your delightful Timberwolf Creek! Again, thank you , and we will see you soon.
-- Charlotte, NC

A sudden interruption in life’s rush! Cheri and I have waited a year since the birth of our joy boy Brendan to take time for ourselves. And what a beautiful place to rekindle the song of our spirits. Sandee, your warm open way helped put us at ease, and the massages put us onto a different planet. To sleep beside the rushing creek was like a balm. And to dine among the water and the wood returned the word "celebration" to our love. Looking forward to our picnic in God’s enchanted garden. Thank you.
-- Maryville, TN and Rockledge, FL

It has been a wonderful trip and perfect honeymoon. We could not have had a better time anywhere else. Thank you for such a friendly atmosphere and quiet retreat. We can’t wait to come back and don’t really want to leave. We’ve really found a place to treasure. What a wonderful gift you’ve given us! We love it!
-- Maryville, TN

Sammy and I certainly enjoyed our stay at your bed and breakfast. The last few days have been so-so-so relaxing. It was a treat to be spoiled. The meals and snacks were great! We hope to visit again. God Bless!
-- Scranton, SC

The cool breeze, the sound of the creek is relaxing, loved it here, wish we could take it home. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for all the warmth.
-- Scranton, SC

Thanks for the wonderful stay… we’ll remember it for a long time to come. Wish we could be neighbors. I’d love to cook with you!
-- Miami, FL


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