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Spa Days at Timberwolf Creek 
All massages are accompanied by the soothing song of the tumbling stream,
or if you prefer, "The Healing Waterfall" guided imagery,
or soft music designed to lull your senses into peaceful relaxation,
or the silence of the forest... 

All packages are in addition to the room rate, and require advance notice.
New!  You may add your massage package to your reservation when you reserve online

Swedish Massage
This is what most people think of when they say, "I want a massage." 
Traditional relaxation massage, featuring long gliding strokes and kneading of the more superficial layers of muscle.  Designed to promote general relaxation, improve circulation and range of motion, and relieve muscle tension.

60 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage
A therapeutic massage, ideal for athletes and those who enjoy a firm massage.  Deep Tissue Massage involves the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues of the body.  Intended to relax the muscles, rid them of built up metabolic waste, and help release adhesions between muscles and connective tissues. 
60 Minutes

Aromatherapy Massage
A variety of techniques blended with soothing essential oils, which affect your senses as they are absorbed through your skin.  Choose from "Restful Relaxation" (peaceful & calming), "Rekindle & Renew" (invigorating & energizing),  or "Release & Recover" (for letting go)  
60 Minutes

Couples Massage Package
Soak in your jacuzzi bath while your sweetheart enjoys a 45 minute full-body massage, and then trade places!
100 Minutes 
  45 Minutes Apiece, with a short break in between

Neck, Hands & Feet
Indulge yourself in the highlights of massage, while remaining comfortably clothed
60 Minutes

Energy Work
An hour of hands-on gentle massage, focusing healing energy at key body points.  
Reiki, Tachyon Energy, Chakra 
60 Minutes

90-Minute Massage
Is an hour never quite enough? Luxuriate in a full 90 minutes of fabulous massage. (You may need a nap afterwards.)
90 Minutes 

Add Essential Oils
Add aromatherapy to any of the massage packages offered.  (Please note that this is already included in the Aromatherapy Massage.)

All packages are in addition to the room rate, and require advance notice.
New!  You may add your massage package to your reservation when you reserve online

Splendid Indulgence                     
Created to give you both the ultimate luxury, this extravagant experience features a pair of one-hour aromatherapy massages, with a selection of essential oils, plus a moment to relax together between them.  

Arrive on your first evening and settle in.  Stretch out and unwind.  Explore the town.  Then arrive at Maggie Valley's best restaurant, J.Arthur's, for filet mignon or grilled salmon dinner for two (tax and gratuity included).  Return to Timberwolf Creek where your bed has been turned down, feather pillows piled high and the lights turned low.

In the morning, join us for a hearty breakfast by the stream.  Visit and chat and we'll keep the coffee coming until you say, "uncle."  Spend the rest of your morning enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains, taking in the panoramic vistas along the Blue Ridge Parkway, or discovering our local artisans - there's quite a variety!  But the best is yet to come...  

It's late afternoon...   Begin with a candlelit soak in your private jacuzzi bath.  When you emerge, wrap yourself in your spa robe (yours to keep)  and join your partner, who will be fresh from an hour of attentive massage.  Share a tray of seasonal fresh fruit, and cold mountain spring water.  Your partner will find fresh towels in the bath, and can draw a tub of warm water while you settle in for your own blissful massage. 

Relax.  Breathe deeply of the mountain air.  Delight in the ambiance.  Have a nap.  You needn't worry about dressing and going out for dinner.  It's just the two of you in your private haven.  A restaurant would be an intrusion.  So... a light dinner basket will appear at your door, as if delivered by woodland faeries!  Ah, the perfect answer.  Afterward, open your complimentary bottle of champagne and savor divine chocolate truffles.  

The night is yours.  Sleep to the soothing sounds of the tumbling stream.  
We'll see you at breakfast.

Two nights in The Timberwolf Retreat
Dinner for Two at J.Arthur's Restaurant (tax & gratuity included)
Two 1-hour Aromatherapy Massages
Seasonal Fruit Tray & Spring Water
Light Dinner Basket
Complimentary Champagne 
Chocolate Truffles
Two Cypress Waffle-Weave Spa Robes 
Breakfast both mornings

Additional nights available at a special rate of $225
(Exclusively available with the Splendid Indulgence Package)

***  Click here to reserve your Splendid Indulgence Now!  ***

Because you deserve it!
at Timberwolf Creek

in beautiful Maggie Valley, North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains


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