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Maggie Valley Timberwolf Creek Bed & Breakfast Inn in the Mountains of North Carolina NC USA


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You've seen kids pass around those personality questionnaires to their friends...
Well, what if Timberwolf Creek did one?


What's your name?  Timberwolf Creek, in Maggie Valley North Carolina.

What's your nickname?  I have lots of them - The Creek House, Black Bear Cottage in the Woods, Woodland Weddings & Streamsong Celebrations, our vacation place, our favorite place in the mountains, that great B&B in the Smokies, the perfect place on the creek...

Favorite color?  It would have to be green.  Even in winter, the soft gray-green of the hemlocks and pines, and the deep evergreen of the laurels - and in springtime, all the bright new baby green colors as the entire mountain range leafs out and all the little shoots come up for the daffodils and lilies and tulips and the wild flowers - and of course, in summer, there is a whole riot of green everywhere, even with all the flowers blooming at the same time in a concert of color.  Autumn here certainly overshadows the green with a rainbow of orange, red, rust, yellow, crimson, bronze, vermillion, and gold, but the green is still there.

Favorite food?  Least favorite?  Obviously, my most favorite food would be anything you can serve for breakfast!  Least favorite?  Brussel sprouts.  You will never be served brussel sprouts here for breakfast, believe me.  I promise.

Favorite smell?  Least favorite?  Favorite smell: the forest after a rain.  Oh wait, the forest in the snow.  No no, the forest at the end of  a long, sunny day.  Oh.  I guess that would be 'the forest', huh.  Least favorite? Highway exhaust.  Fortunately, not a lot of that around here!

Favorite sound?  Least favorite?  My favorite sound is the incomparable music of the stream.  If you sit out on the porch, get comfortable in a rocking chair, and pay attention for a while, you'll start to notice the different sounds as the water plays off the rocks in the little waterfalls.  After a while, you can hear the sound of children laughing, and musical instruments.  When it rains, the stream just gets a bit louder - in a storm, it roars and rolls the rocks around in a symphony!  Ok, least favorite sound... I think we must be back to that highway traffic, complete with horns and screeching tires and engines and semi-truck brakes.  No thanks.

What do you do best?  Well, I'm told that stress is water-soluble and that motivation floats (downstream).  So I guess my best thing is relaxation - and it shows most profoundly in the folks who need it most.  I can take a busy week and make it seem a year away.  Time stops being linear on this creek - it just moves more slowly, and you have plenty of it.  Makes for a really nice vacation, and folks tell me they've slept better and longer than they have in years.  Guess we just save up those years for them, and give them all back.  Time is different, here.  And stress melts.  Once the stress is gone, it's really easy to see your sweetheart more clearly, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Where do you see yourself in five years?  Oh man, right here.  Unmoved.  Unchanged.  Eternal as the forest and the stream and the mountains and the sky.  Waiting for you.



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