Why yes, this is indeed the stream
as it passes by your room...


"After dining in some of
Manhattan's finest restaurants,
to find a B&B breakfast
amazing is impressive!"
New Rochelle, NY



"You have truly got a little
 piece of heaven right here on
 earth. We'll surely be back."
Palm Bay, FL


"To sleep beside the rushing
 creek was like a balm. Being
 among the water and the wood
 returned the word
 'celebration' to our love."

Rockledge, FL



"Climbing waterfalls, daring
 rivers, hiking to the top of
 mountains, and relaxing under
 the starry moonlit sky on
 Waterrock Knob was only
made perfect by
 returning to such a wonderful
 and dreamy place to stay."
Deer Park, TX


"We really did enjoy
every second of our
 perfect week at Timberwolf Creek.
It was so magical it almost
feels like it was all
just a wonderful dream"
--Surrey, England


"Took more baths in two nights
than in the past five years!
(I'm a shower person.)
Thanks for reminding me of
the value of a good soak."
--Ann Arbor, Michigan


Your Innkeepers:
Chad & LaDonna Ramsey
Sandee Wright
Toll-free (888) 525-4218
or Locally (828) 246-2617
Maggie Valley, North Carolina



The two king suites are in the main
building, named The Creek House.
The two queen rooms are in the guest
house, named The Black Bear Cottage in
the Woods.
Click either to see a floor plan.

Or HERE if you'd prefer to rent one of
the houses as a stand-alone vacation rental.







The Curve of the Creek Suite

This mountain lodge style suite -built right into the side of the mountain- is perfect for your celebration of life's milestones.  That great promotion - or retirement, the ultimate promotion! The last of the kids have just graduated from college - hooray! Or the wedding is over - whew! It was beautiful, but now some time for us. The Empty Nest celebration. The milestone anniversary - we made it! (Still in love, still best friends, what better cause for celebration?)


A moment's respite
after one of life's momentous events.
A reward for a job well done.

...A chance for complete privacy to just enjoy each other...

A place to renew, to rediscover one another,
to savor the blessings you share.
The Curve of the Creek Suite.


This king bedroom is a real tribute to local artisans. It has the Jacuzzi alcove pictured below. The surprisingly comfortable twig chair (left) is made by a Tennessee crafter, and the incredible bed is the work of a local craftsman, Dick Milano. Dick's our favorite carpenter and has done some wonderful work here, and this bed is the latest. Incorporating the windows and echoing the beaded board wainscoting in the Jacuzzi alcove, it ties everything together... and the posts are over eight feet tall! Wow! Even the mattresses are made locally.

The quilt is a hand-stitched beauty in tranquil greens - underneath, you'll find a down comforter, triple-sheeted with fine linens. An assortment of feather and foam pillows from which to choose, and extra blankets for cuddling on your sofa. And all those afghan throws? Not only Made in America, they are made right here in North Carolina. Beautiful!

Probably our favorite feature of this bedroom is the ceilings. They are nine feet tall, crafted of beveled boards, and supported with redwood beams. All the beams in the entire house were taken from a single redwood tree, milled here in the Carolinas. Nine foot ceilings and the cool breeze off the stream, and nature's insulating mountainside, keep the Curve of the Creek Suite comfortable year-round. That, and the sound of the waterfalls right outside your door, sure makes for some restful sleep.

In your own private den, you can lounge by the fireplace on your big comfy leather sofa, or have a beverage at the wet bar, perched in a posh leather barstool. Kick back in those big beefy recliners and watch a movie on your flat-screen TV with VCR/DVD/CD player, or just put your feet up and watch the sun go down over the mountain.

The ceilings are nine foot tongue-and-groove oak with enormous redwood beams - and (drum roll, please!) for a little added drama, the mantel over your fireplace is one of those fifteen foot beams, suspended from the ceiling! Drama? Did we say drama? How about, "Yes, those really are giant boulders outside the windows by the fireplace."

There's lots of firewood for the buck stove, and a screen handy to put over it so that you can leave it open and enjoy the ambiance of a blazing fire. And! We have wireless internet access for those of you who travel with your laptops.

Your dining table is set in front of the big view - just outside is the cascading creek, with the footbridge over the little waterfalls. Towering overhead, the ancient tulip trees and hemlocks. Across the creek, open pasture and the mountains. Enjoy your early morning coffee right here -where better?- and even have your breakfast delivered room-service style if you prefer to dine in privacy.

But wait, there's more! Imagine the two of you, soaking in your fabulous corner Jacuzzi tub-for-two... each of you sinking into a delicious bubbly corner with your own back jets and arm rests... Soft lights, soft music (from the selection of CDs you found in the room - oh do just press the 'repeat' button, you're going to be in there a while)... Wait until you see the steps. Leading up to the beaded-board alcove, red oak stained stairs are supported by tree trunks! See those really *enormous* trees out front? Well, these are 'babies' of those towering tulip trees.

And speaking 'out front' -nope, we're not finished yet!  Just outside the French doors in your living room is your very own little creekside gazebo!  It also serves as your private, ground-floor entry.  But this is the place to watch the sunset and enjoy a glass of wine...  fill in a crossword puzzle...  bird-watch... toast your darling...  The view?  The front garden, the stream, the wooden footbridge, the pasture, mountainside, the old-growth forest overhead, and all of the Glory of Nature!

The finer things in life don't come along every day.  Savor them!         
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