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Picnic Lunch in the Great Smoky Mountains

At last!  Something special for our hikers. Our Picnic Package always includes the basket – so that you can take it with you on your travels. We’ve just gotten in our newest edition of baskets: a backpack! These things are SO COOL! The body of the backpack is insulated, and when you unzip the outside […]

Poison Ivy and Serendipities

Ok, I’ll admit it: I’m askeered o’ poison ivy.  It hasn’t ever attacked me before.  I’m one of those people blessed to start out in life immune.  Didn’t even know what it looked like when I first got to the mountains, until I was weeding one day and a neighbor cried out, “What are you […]

New kids on the block – Lilies!

New kids on the block – a nice rainstorm and voila, lilies everywhere!

My friend, my neighbor, my bride: Sarah

Sarah Mottola was my friend, my neighbor, my bride.  Not in that order, and not with those limitations.  When I first met her, she was Sarah Todd, a guest arriving from South Carolina, with her beau, Tony Mottola.  She and Tony were guests at the B&B many times, and early on, we said, “Y’all are […]

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