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Trout Fishing – complete with rod & reel and mini-tackle box with lures $5

Mountain Heritage Trout Waters program makes it a piece o’ cake to fish for trout while you’re staying with us!

Gunfights and glory at Ghost Town in the Sky

From Larry’s Desk… People always ask me ‘What’s there to do in Maggie Valley?’ My answer, with a wink is, ‘Nothing. And we like it like that.’ But truth be told there are a lot of things to do. Unique things that you just can’t do most other places. Like this one. The Ghost Town […]

Words with Friends: the game that ate the space-time continuum

Bad news.  I have discovered Words with Friends.  So from now on, I’m going to stay up far too late, oversleep, and not want to cook breakfast or make beds or answer reservation requests.  But hey, I’m winning… ________________________________________________________________________

The Perfect Coffee Mug

We leaned forward to listen, as one of the ladies prepared to tell us about her requirements for a Perfect Man.  He would be tall, she said, and employed.  Funny and smart go without saying.  She restricted his age to 35-43, and begging your pardon, he simply cannot be a democrat.  We sat back and […]

Chillin’ with Celebrities…

They checked in at 3:00 and Larry had to come find me at 7. It was one of those Ya-Ya Sisters afternoons, when the fountain of friendship just bubbles over.

The following is a letter I wrote to Nashoba Winery, in Massachussets.  Nashoba makes orchard wines, among other things, and we like to visit when we’re up in the Boston area to see our daughter’s family.  Our favorite thing from Nashoba is a fortified spiced cranberry wine, called Foggy Bog.  Too sweet for me to […]

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