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Guest Blogger? How about Guest Poet…

This poem was in the room journal, left by our guests this weekend.  Made me all misty!  But I ask you, how wonderful is this?

Shh.. I have a secret
That I just have to tell
I met a fairy godmother
Into the rabbit hole I fell.

She welcomed me with open arms,
And a beautifully mischievous grin.
Then with a wave of her wand,
Showed me where dreams begin.

It was a pretty little cottage,
Nestled daintily in the trees,
Quietly offering sanctuary;
A haven for a soul in need.

From the first moment I entered
And stepped through the front door,
The feeling of home and comfort
Seeped from every pore.

The cheery crackle of the fireplace,
And the soothing rush of the stream,
Invited the body to rest and relax,
And encouraged the soul to dream.

And oh my! The fairy godmother knows all!
And her wedding fairy sees too!
Dreams never spoken
Somehow come true.

Waving away worries with a magical wand
In her magic I should trust,
And believe in a world filled
With love and magical fairy dust.

What more can a bride ask for
Than for a fairy godmother and her crew
To treat her like a princess
And make her dreams come true?

Of course this would be true,
How could it be any other way?
When a fairy godmother waves her wand
Poof! A beautifully perfect stay.



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