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Quarterversary – the 3 Month Anniversary Gift List

I love my brides.  You all know that I do.  Grooms are pretty ok, too.

And they’re always saying, once the wedding ceremony’s done and they’re heading back home, “We’re definitely coming back for our anniversary!”  I’ve taken to responding, “You don’t have to wait a year.  You can come back on your 3-month anniversary.”

Today, Mary (who keeps my own house neat and tidy, and calls herself my Mary Maid), suggested folks celebrate their quarterly anniversary.  Brilliant!  And it even has a word: it’s a Quarterversary.

So, y’all know my life is filled with tongue-in-cheek humor and zany stuff.  There are lists of “appropriate” and “traditional” wedding gifts for wedding anniversaries.  But none exist for the quarterversary!  I felt duty-bound to create such a list, as I am, after all, the Wedding Fairygodmother.

Without further ado, then, I present to you, the Quarterversary Gift List (Traditional)


Year Anniversary Gift Quarter Quarterversary Gift
1st Weekend Getaway (at Timberwolf Creek)
2nd Ditto
3rd 2nd Honeymoon (at Timberwolf Creek)
1st Paper 4th Paper… gift certificate for Timberwolf Creek – surprise!
5th Girlfriend Getaway to Timberwolf Creek
6th Weekend Getaway (at Timberwolf Creek)
7th Guys Golf & Fishing Getaway at Timberwolf Creek
2nd Cotton 8th Cotton… Timberwolf Creek bathrobes
9th Weekend Getaway (at Timberwolf Creek)
10th Lords a leapin’  (sorry, couldn’t resist)
11th 11 ounce handcrafted Timberwolf Creek mugs
3rd Leather 12th Leather… new suitcase – to take, guess where!
13th Weekend Getaway (at Timberwolf Creek)
14th Special Dinner Out -to plan your next Maggie Valley getaway
15th Weekend Getaway (at Timberwolf Creek)
4th Linen, silk 16th Linen or silk… pajamas… for your trip… to Timberwolf Creek
17th Do something extra special for the babysitter/dogsitter…
18th Weekend Getaway (at Timberwolf Creek)
19th Time to sit down and plan the Big Trip – to renew your vows!
5th Wood 20th Wood… picture frame… for your 5th Anniverary portrait
              taken, naturally, at Timberwolf Creek -where else?

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