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Mid-spring Walkabout

It was time to take a walkabout as spring looks like it’s coming to an early close, with summer right on its heels.  I took a picture of the last of the daffodils, the last of the hyacinth, the early azaleas and peaches.  But the real bonanza is these crazy hostas!  They are insanely huge, and very happy.  Here are some photos.

Last of the daff and hyacinth…


And here are the early azaleas.  I do love azaleas, especially the whites.  They’re like little tiny spring-time lilies, ha!


And peaches – we’re going to have a nice abundant crop of white Georgia peaches, this year!  Unless that family of raccoons recalls where they had the all you can eat buffet two years ago…


And the trillium came en masse, this spring – so many that I may need a new bed for them!

Oh my goodness, would you look at that?  This post is already so big, I’m going to have to let the hostas have their very own!  So here it is, only the middle of April, and spring is well established and on the wane.  It has been a spectacular one so far, I must say.


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