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A Hosta, by any other name…

Ok, maybe you can help.  I’ve spent endless hours on Google, trying to identify my hostas.  These are the ones I have in abundance, planted in the outdoor wedding chapel gardens… but there are others…  I’ve learned more about hostas than I ever dreamed there was to know!  Margins and leaf shapes and textures, etc.  The variety is astounding.  I had no idea!  And while discovering that there are something like 10,000 different hostas out there, it came as no great surprise that they are lilies.  Because, after all, I do love lilies.  (And yes, I know: they’ve been reclassified but I don’t care.  They are lilies for me, and that’s a Good Thing, as Martha likes to say.)

I’ve done my best, with names, and invite you to correct me.  If there’s a searchable database, where I can enter “hosta, small, narrow leaf, tri-color, wide green margin, white center” that would be fantastic.  The best search result has yielded “Fire & Ice” but I’m not convinced what this one is…

But it sure is pretty.  🙂

The next one may be right on target, but again, your assistance is welcome!  It appears to be Diamond Tiara, which is ok by me.


And these are just ENORMOUS and fabulous and propagating like mad.  Not that they’re sending out runners or anything, just that we started with three and are up to 15!  Each one just as impressive at the original.

I think this one’s called Niagara Falls.  It truly is amazing.  Here is the row of seven, just a couple of days after they were all split.  And they are already gorgeous, and look like they’ll need to be split again in the spring!


See what I mean?  Fantastic!  (This is the driveway to the Black Bear Cottage in the Woods – where we have the Streamsong and Woodland rooms.)  The plants have been remarkably forgiving.  And where I’m concerned, that’s a Good Thing, as Martha likes to say.

And finally, I have this gold-margined beauty, that’s really come into her own this year.  Just couldn’t be prettier.  Somebody, let me know her name!



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