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A breakfast basket for two, discretely delivered to your door…

Our wedding couple opted for a breakfast basket this morning, which they said they’ll enjoy in their bathrobes in front of the fireplace. What a perfect spring morning to do so! And the lemon mousse came out perfectly, if I do say so myself. Larry just returned from Florida and brought me Plant City strawberries from the strawberry festival there, and the sweet red berries were the perfect topping for the mousse. Herbed mushroom eggs, sage sausage, apple and pomegranate juices, and the best thing… Last night, I baked them some 7-grain bread with wheat berries and bulgar, and coriander seeds I harvested and dried from the last of the cilantro. Crushing the coriander with a mortar and pestle just made me feel sooooo Suzie Homemaker, and made my kitchen smell heavenly! The bread? Divine. I tucked a little bowl of my peach butter in the basket, too.

(ACK! I just saw the typo in the menu! I typed ‘cardomom’ instead of ‘coriander’. What was I thinking??!? Ah, those late-night creations. Good grief. Well. The bread’s good, and hopefully that’s enough. !!)

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