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A Day in the Life of The Wedding Fairygodmother

The bride asked for an autumn bouquet – she was pretty happy about it!  She had asked to include light orange roses – I was tickled to be able to find some…  Although I almost bought the deep orange ones at the florist, just because they were so pretty, ha!

Today we had breakfast for four, then it was time to clear the dining room, clean the kitchen, and set the table for a wedding reception.  I picked up the cake and bought flowers yesterday, so I was making the bouquet and boutonniere while Rhonda the Wedding Fairy was clipping and washing ivy leaves to trim out the cake.

We were getting the cameras ready and Nick was finishing up the kitchen and setting up the massage table for guests in the Curve of the Creek Suite, who had reserved the Splendid Indulgence package.

Rhonda set the table outside for the mini-reception while I printed up the wedding vows and marriage certificate and got dressed for the wedding.  I brought the flowers over and we started photographing the table.

…and getting all those pretty ‘artsy’ shots I like so much…

Finally the groom appeared, I pinned on his boutonniere and took the bouquet to the bride in the Timberwolf Retreat.  She had broken the strap on her dress and was sewing!  Got her into her wedding gown and off we went –a very nice couple and a second wedding for both.

Meanwhile, we were taking pictures and the massage therapist arrived to give massages to our Curve of the Creek Suite couple.  Rhonda packed up the wedding cake and champagne flutes and all the paperwork and delivered it to the wedding couple’s suite while we were doing the photo shoot.  The masseuse finished the first massage and Rhonda changed out the linens to get ready for ’round two’.  We finished the pictures, gathered the ‘debris’ to take back to my house, and off we went – just in time for the masseuse to finish the second massage.  So, we put away the massage table and presented the dinner package.  The Wedding Fairy worked hard, I can tell you.  Oh!  I forgot!  In the middle of all this, guests arrived to check into the Woodland Room.  Rhonda the Wedding Fairy got them started while I was finished up with the bride and groom, getting them their dinner certificate and a map to get to the restaurant.  Then I schmoozed a while with the new arrivals while Rhonda ran over and opened up their room and gift-wrapped their keepsake mugs and hurried over to get the gift into the room before the guests meandered on back to the Woodland Room.  Then she went home.

Probably to have a nap.

Meanwhile, I went back home and grabbed a sandwich.  I made some chocolate covered strawberries and walked back to the Creek House to turn down the Timberwolf Retreat with our Signature Silver Turndown Service and the strawberries and a nice card from the groom’s parents.

Then you’d better believe I came home to put on my PAJAMAS.  When I got back home, I had to sit down and write this note to the groom’s sister, who arranged for those chocolate dipped berries:

“Dear Donna,  this is all your fault.  I can’t stop eating these damn strawberries.  It’s a good thing I already did the silver turndown with Alan & Dana’s berries before tasting them, or I’d be saying, “oh, they won’t miss just one more… ”  Gorgeous berries so sweet they didn’t even need the candy, I dipped them in Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate (heaven help us) and topped each with a white chocolate ‘button’.  Then dusted my grandmother’s pink crystal footed cake plate with powdered sugar, arranged the strawberries and ringed it all with baby’s breath.  Three white daisies (same as used in the bride’s bouquet) and voila’.   They probably won’t even notice the truffles (which are from the Chocolate Bear, which carries truly marvelous chocolates).  I am certain, however, that they will notice the champagne.  🙂  ”

Of course, I was busily cleaning chocolate off the keyboard (since I couldn’t stop nibbling on the strawberries).  That’s Donna’s fault, too.

Have been busy with paperwork ever since, but now Larry’s come into the living room while I was typing this, and put on a movie, so I’m going to go pour a glass of wine and join him.

My day!



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